The durability of metal straps is usually better

The firmness of the metal watchband is usually better. Avoiding external impact and strong pulling is generally unlikely to damage or break, but you should check the links between the bracelets regularly to see if there is abrasion or whether the studs are firm. If there is a problem, it needs to be handled in time. When wearing it, please wipe it frequently to avoid long-term contact with the metal watchband caused by sweat and stains, and especially don't allow too much dirt to accumulate at the seams of the watchband, which will easily affect its service life.

It is relatively convenient to clean the metal watchband, because it is not afraid of water, just remember to wipe off the water after cleaning it. In addition, although the metal is hard, it is also afraid of scratches. Shallow scratches can be restored by applying toothpaste at home and gently scrubbing with a soft brush for a few times, while deep scratches and large replica watches areas of wear can be restored. You need a professional repair technician to help you refurbish.

Leather straps are more fragile than metal straps, and they may need to be replaced in one to two years. In the process of wearing a Blancpain watch, the leather strap is most afraid of humidity and direct sunlight. In a humid environment, the service life of the leather strap will be greatly reduced.

Daily wear requires special attention to keep the watch strap clean and clean, try to avoid contact with any liquid, including sweat. Of course, sweat is inevitable in summer, so we recommend that it is best to wipe the watch along with it every day when taking off the watch. , Wipe away the sweat and dust on the surface. If possible, it is best to change and wear other straps in summer.

Rubber strap should be said to be one of the strap materials that are least afraid of water. Of course, this waterproofness is very suitable for wearing in summer or in high humidity environments, so many diving watches for underwater operations use rubber straps. Its maintenance is also convenient. Besides avoiding direct sunlight and contact with corrosive chemicals, there are basically no maintenance methods that require special attention. But it also has this aging problem, so pay more attention to regular inspections.

The nylon strap is relatively light and has very good air permeability. Basically, it does not require special maintenance. After wearing a Blancpain watch for a long time, the surface of the nylon replica watches uk may be drawn and fluffed. As long as the burrs are cut off, and then slightly baked on the fire, the watchband can be restored to its original shape, but you must pay attention to the heat. Try little by little, don't burn the strap. When the nylon strap is dirty, you can remove it directly, and gently rub it with a little detergent like washing clothes and dry it.